Raw, rugged and downright solid furniture.

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Sculpted by Nature

Wood is nothing like plastic or other artificial materials. It bares the signs and marks of time passing year after year and weather changes season after season. It is just like people who age gracefully and naturally. Like each wrinkle on a person’s face speaks of experiences lived, each crack and dent on a wood piece speaks of its life-story.

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In itself, the wood is representing life and nature. Incorporating in my designs these unique values is the drive behind my work. It is my belief that if something looks like wood then it has to be wood, the real thing and not some imitation material. It should smell like wood and feel like it. It is a matter of principle: a glass of wine you take straight and a leather-sofa cannot be synthetic. nature systems™ has honesty as its core philosophy. The customer is given a piece of nature. He can almost hear the leaves rustling in the woods.

Johannes Wolf