Our Philosophy

At BLOK Furniture we love everything wood!

Each tree that grows is unique and beautiful in its own right. The genetic makeup of each tree can be very similar across species. Still, no two kinds of wood could ever be identical. There may be marked similarities from tree to tree, but each has a unique root system and grows its branches in its own, individual way.

In fact, trees could be compared to people, and especially us!

Wood is in our veins and in our core. Quite simply, if you were to cut us in two, our cross-section would be a series of growth rings, as working with wood is something we've grown up with. Our love of this unique material is something we hope to pass on to future generations.

Our History

Our passion for wood began in the mid-seventies when founder Laurence Freed started sourcing stunning real wood veneers from across the globe.

Freed Veneers was established and quickly went from strength to strength, supplying veneers made from beautiful hardwoods to leading names in the automotive, aviation and marine industries, along with iconic furniture and interior design houses.

Today, Freed Veneers supplies its global client base with the highest calibre of quality products, coupled with the optimum levels of customer service.

With the increasing popularity of the DIYer or marquetry enthusiast, after the millennium, this family-run business decided to branch out. As such, The Wood Veneer Hub was created.

Offering a diversity of choice, The Wood Veneer Hub currently supplies a wide range of end-users with a vast selection of wood veneers, all available to purchase online or direct from our showroom.

Callum Freed, who has an equal admiration of everything wood, joined the family business in 2010. Thanks to a resurgence in popularity of 70's style, rather than focus on wood veneers, Callum decided to set up PLAANK and offer a 21st-century solution to wooden wall panelling.

With three very successful businesses and a combined love of wood, the logical progression based upon customer feedback was a step into the wooden furniture market. As such we have launched BLOK Furniture, a fresh, sustainable and modern offering.

Our Product Offering

Working with Nature Systems™ and Craftwand®, two leading manufacturers of quality wood furniture, we can now supply commercial establishments and office complexes with display stands, room dividers, desks, conference tables and occasional tables, all crafted out of stunning wooden blocks, to bring the beauty of wood right into the heart of your business.